Kajetan very excited to start career in Finland

Kajetan Zelech came to Finland in September 2019, looking for opportunities to start working as IT Specialist in Change Management. His interest toward Nordic countries started when he studied Scandinavian studies with Norwegian language. Later Kajetan met his life partner from Finland and they decided to make a life in Finland.

Before he came to Finland, he worked in Nordea bank as Senior IT Operation Specialist. Main task was executing change management process. Kajetan main area of interest as a professional was IT Change Management to change the IT environment in the companies. He was responsible for approving the changes what about to happen inside the company.

– I was engaged in a bunch of projects and, besides that, in IT industry improving processes helping people work out their issues with customers. I am proud of creating diversity and inclosing teams in IBM and Nordea Bank. I was also founder and leader of employer recourses groups.

Finnish language is mandatory in Oulu region

Before he moved to Finland, he already participated in few Finnish language courses in Poland to prepare himself for working in Finland. Now he is taking Finnish language courses in Multicultural Centre Villa Victor.

– Opiskelen suomen kieltä joka päivä Villa Victorissa, Kajetan says in clear Finnish language.

Kajetan thought that it would be quite easy to find a job in Finland, but without Finnish language, it is not very easy even in IT industry. Especially it is challenging with IT Change Management background, when you have to work closely with the end customers. Knowledge of the Finnish language is mandatory, especially in the Oulu region.

Kajetan think that it is very wise to start speaking Finnish language, because is it opening heart of Finnish people and it is easier to continuing the conversation. Kajetan tries to speak Finnish always when it is possible.

IT industry requires continuous studying

Kajetan has graduated from a few degree programs in Poland.

– I finished Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management in Wroclaw School of Banking University and then I finished my Master’s degree in Enterprise Management in same the same university. At the same time, I took Manager Studies in postgraduate course program. After that, I studied IT Management in Gdansk University of Technology.

Right now Kajetan participating in SIHME-program for supporting immigrants in higher education in Finland provided by Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Kajetan strongly believes that you must study as much as you can and he never stop studying. His internal goal ”never stop learning and developing”. Especially in IT area if you stop your continuous learning and education, you stop developing as a professional.

– There is a lot of opportunities to studying in Finland. When you are looking for a job, you can go to Finnish language courses, attend the SIMHE-program for immigrants or sign for university courses for developing professional skills. Sitting at home and waiting for a job offer is not a solution.